Without God We Can Do Nothing 

God thank you for the journey and the progress so far , You are my all and all …

Without God We Can Do Nothingwitho

God please have mercy on me and forgive me my sins because without you father, i can do nothing … Say this prayer today.

Without God we can do nothing

God is in control, just believe in him …

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God, into your able hands i commit my family , my blog, my readers and the whole world. Let us never be put to shame… guide and protect us oh Lord for without you, we can do nothing.

Without God You Can Do Nothing

God will see you through if you get yourself together and follow him. Make him your one and only true God and he will perform wonders in your life … I am a living witness …

Without God we can do nothing

God will invade your life with success if only you believe and do everything possible to avoid making him angry by committing sin!! He is the all and all.

Without God we can do nothing

God loves you and cares about you more than you can even imagine. All God wants from you is to acknowledge him as your one and only God and hope and you will wonders happening in your life! I am a living witness!! Do this and thank me later …

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Without God we can do nothing

God is in-charge!! He controls the day to day activities of the earth. He giveth life, happiness and money to whom he wants to give … believe in him and watch your life turn around.

Without God we can do nothing

When God says yes … Not even the President of a country will say no!! God has always been there even without your knowledge … He is the all and all … The one and only True God and the creator, the manipulator of the whole universe. Without him we can do nothing!!

It takes you to work and put in more effort daily, but it takes God to make it happen! Work and pray, depend on God as your only hope and you will see yourself making it and eventually make it big in life!!

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Don’t ever feel that your so so important … Cos without God … You are nothing! A day will come when you will be nowhere … Only what you did why here will speak for you! Death is like sleeping … but you will never wake till the last day …

God will do it!! Your work is to constantly remind him just like the visitor visitor in the night of the Bible (Nicodemus) . God will never forsake you, just believe and trust in him and try to make him happy.

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