Shocking Ways Drugs Have Been Smuggled In This World – Pictures

Using an avocado filled with cocaine

Shocking Ways Drugs Have Been Smuggled In This World – Pictures

The drug business has always been there. There are people who might not live without drugs and they can do anything just to get what they want.

This has led to some mind-blowing smuggling tactics.

Here are some of the craziest ways in which people have tried and sometimes succeeded to smuggle drugs. Pictures below:

A woman was arrested by airport police carrying almost three pounds of cocaine in her breasts.
You can see the drug implants and the fresh surgical wound
This powerboat was carrying a large haul of drugs when the Danish police busted the armed smugglers on January 7th, 2013.
Suspected smugglers attempt to drive a silver Jeep Cherokee over the 14 feet high U.S. Mexico border fence in Yuma
The entrance to an illegal cross-border tunnel found underneath a bathroom sink inside a warehouse in Tijuana, Mexico.
A man pretending to be disabled was caught at the U.S.-Mexico border with this weed-stocked wheelchair in 2011.
This helicopter was transporting 760kg of cocaine when it crashed in Totonicapan, 200km northwest of Guatemala City, in 2003.
In 2010, a diesel powered almost DIY submarine was found in Ecuador which was used to transport up to 10 metric tonnes of cocaine at one time.
Using Pringles to smuggle cocaine.
Some people actually made chips out of compressed cocaine and put it in a can of Pringles.
Canned foods
Under registration plate
Using the coffins of dead American soldiers to smuggle heroin.
Stuffed chili peppers and fake carrots
Using an avocado filled with cocaine

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