Vote Contestants #bigbrothernaija – Big Brother Naija 2017

Please How can i “Vote Contestants #bigbrothernaija”  i love “Big Brother Naija 2017” Please am looking for a website where i can Vote for my “FAVORITE Contestant in the Ongoing Big Brother Nigeria 2017 – in South Africa , please can someone use the Comment Box below to tell me where i can Vote.Vote Contestants #bigbrothernaija - Big Brother Naija 2017

  •  Juliet Okonkwo
  • Vivian Gist Reader

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If u don’t support ya own then u are a…. Plz if u luv Bobie E plz, plz i mean please… Help keep the boy in the house bikozia…. Help vote the boy @soma_apex.

Just text “Vote Soma” to 32052 @30naira.. @somabbnaija
#BIGBROTHERNAIJA. Plz the boy got to stay…. iya ya! Do something…let’s support him. PH city/soma 2 the brief case

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I don’t know if am the only 1 watching bigbrother to learn out of it,or some are watching for watching sake Buh as for me I have learn 3 tings from biggie😊1,
Neva trust a woman, 2,i love u no b buy mouth dats how Tboss voted Meyounce out of the house chia, 3, u Neva no how God wil change ur life in a short period of time Efe was made igwe after been replaced with gifty😂😂😂 dis life Sha #bigbrothernaija #gettingentertained #facts #life

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