Traffic Robbers Apprehended By Security Operatives In Oshodi (pictured)

Traffic Robbers Apprehended By Security Operatives In Oshodi (pictured)

The operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos Police Command, in the wee hours of today arrested three persons for traffic robbery in Oshodi area of Lagos. The robbery suspects, Adekunle Mustapha, 21; Popoola Olumide, 20 and Femi Amusa, 20, were arrested following the tip off from their victim, Olasunkanmi Oyelakin, who alerted the Police that his blackberry phone was stolen by the suspects during early morning traffic around Bolade, Oshodi.


The victim recounted his ordeals to the Police: I was on my way to Ajah at about 6:30 a.m, I saw Adekunle Mustapha passed by the bus I boarded. Unknown to me, he was monitoring me. A few minutes later, I noticed a missed call on my phone, and as I brought out the phone, Mustapha took the phone from me through the bus window and ran away. Because there was traffic, I made no attempt to struggle with him, but got down from the nearest bus-stop and I began to monitor him. I noticed that he had regrouped with his friends and one of them was telling him to hand over the phone he stole from me.

I knew I couldnt handle the three of them all alone, so I informed the RRS operatives who followed me down to the place where he was arrested, Oyelakin explained

The visibly distraught Mustapha said that he was driven by frustration to steal the handset from him. I am a bus conductor in Oshodi. I am from Ibadan and a secondary school dropout. I sleep in Ojuwoye, Mushin. I am an ex convict. I dont want to go to prison again. Government should please have mercy on me. I was frustrated into traffic robbery. I wont do it again, he pleaded.

Mustaphas accomplices, Popoola Olawale and Femi Amusa said that although they saw Mustapha in Oshodi regularly, they were also bus conductors and not traffic robbers. They added that they were in Lagos to make money to buy their working tools having completed their apprenticeship.

Source National Helm

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