Tourist attacked and reportedly mauled to near death by 3 tigers – Pictures

Tourist attacked and reportedly mauled to near death by 3 tigers – Pictures

A tourist was mauled by three tigers in front of his horrified wife and child after he reportedly climbed into the wild animals’ enclosure and walked towards them as they were being fed.

Horror footage shows the tigers leap on the man at Ningbo Younger Zoo, leaving him writhing around on the ground in agony as they passed him between their massive paws.

One tiger was shot dead as zoo keepers tried to frighten the animals away with firecrackers and water canons, but they were undeterred.

The animals then bit into his head and neck and ripped off his clothes, leaving him face down on the
ground in just his pants, according to

One tiger was then seen dragging the man’s blood-soaked body into the woods by his foot.

The man was rushed to hospital from the zoo in East China’s Zhejiang Province today.

The are conflicting reports on his condition. Some outlets are reporting he is still being treated, but others claim he has died.

One witness told the South China Morning Post :

“I saw the tiger mauling the person, whose face was covered with blood. Every time he sat up, the tiger pushed him down again.”
Witnesses said he walked into an isolation zone shortly before 2.30pm local time (6.30am UK time) and crossed a river that separates the enclosure from visitors.

Shocked bystanders told The Beijing News that the man was with his wife and child when he walked into the enclosure.

The zoo was closed at 3pm while police and local forestry bureau staff arrived at the zoo at about 3:15pm.

It is not known why the man entered the enclosure at this stage.



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