Tinubu, Akande made my appointment possible new SGF says

Tinubu, Akande made my appointment possible new SGF says

At a Thanksgiving service and reception held in his honor in Abuja yesterday October 17th, newly appointed Secretary to the Government of the Federation Engr. Babachir Lawal, said his appointment into office by President Buhari in August was made possible by APC chieftains Bola Tinubu and Bisi Akande who put it in the mind of President Buhari to make him his SGF.

Tinubu, Akande made my appointment possible  new SGF says

“My wife has not met Bisi Akande, she has not met Asiwaju, she has not met Buhari, yet we have been with him. But, it is fundamentally important for Nigerians to know that goodness is not restricted to tribe, religion or political party. My opinion is that if you have no investment in human beings and you just invest in yourself, like most politicians present in this church do, you will end up as nothing.
If you look at just your community for friendship, or you look at your religion or in the same church with you for friendship, I doubt if you will go any where. I am Secretary to the Government today, because those people that I mentioned were the very first to put the idea in the mind of the President. They were the ones that made it possible. Because if it has been left to northerners, it is doubtful if they will take a Christian man to make Secretary to the Government of the Federation. But these friends know me, they know that I am not ambitious. I just want to eat today and tomorrow I will find my way. By the grace of God, I am today the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, something I did not look for, people say it is hard work and dedication. It is not true, it is just by the grace of God that the President will just pick you and say this is your position. I never looked for it and I never expected it. I started getting hints to this job just about two to three days to it, and I thought it was a very big joke. Then I used to call it Timipre Silva project or Baba Akande project, when they mentioned that they heard story about it. Last year, if I was told that I will have an occasion where one single governor will attend, I will not believe it, but here we are today, it is the grace of God that has put all of us where we are today. Governors should know thathe said.

Source: Vanguard

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