The Movie “Star Wars VII” Exceeds “Titanic” In The Us

The Movie "Star Wars VII" Exceeds "Titanic" In The Us

The Movie “Star Wars VII” Exceeds “Titanic” In The Us

”Star Wars – Episode VII: The Rise of the Force” has exceeded this weekend the revenue generated in the US by “Titanic”, the second biggest hit of all time. The film therefore has serious chances to get on the top step of the global podium.

Star Wars – Episode VII: The Rise of the Force he will become the biggest hit of all time? Since its release, on December 16 in France, 18 in the US, the film keeps breaking down records. It is particularly become the biggest hit of 2015 in France and achieved the best start in history. But it is now for the JJ Abrams film tackling a greater challenge.

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The Movie "Star Wars VII" Exceeds "Titanic" In The Us

To become the biggest commercial success of the film history, The Force Wake must indeed exceed two films by James Cameron: Titanic and its $ 2.1 billion and Avatar ($ 2.7 billion). It is on the right track because it reached this weekend the bar $ 1.5 billion (1.37 billion euros), but the path remains long.

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A new step has just been taken by The Force Alarm clock. Indeed, it has already generated more money than the USTitanic (658, $ 6 million). The film also generates nearly half of its global revenues in North America. With such a score in less than three weeks, the Jedi could therefore defeat the supposedly unsinkable ship. Moreover, the film is not yet released in China (9 January), countries representing hundreds of millions of potential viewers.

There still remains some 600 million to meet and exceed Titanic worldwide, and over a billion to dethrone Avatar.Everything will depend on a possible slowdown in Star Wars VII. For strategy requires buzz, the beginnings of the film were largely better than those of its rivals. Its third week of operations reported $ 88.3 million, more than ten times that of Avatar in 2009. Perhaps he has already exhausted its reserves. Therefore difficult to predict the outcome of the movie whose style is perhaps more cleaving.

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