Teenager Who Fled Home To Be With Boyfriend Sells Baby For 50,000 In Lagos Gov Hospital

Teenager Who Fled Home To Be With Boyfriend Sells Baby For 50,000 In Lagos Gov Hospital

It may sound like a fairy-tale or moonlight story told in a remote village but the truth is that in this age and time in Nigeria’s Centre of Excellence, Lagos, a registered midwife in the state government-run hospital is at the moment helping the police to unravel why she bought a day-old baby boy for N50,000 from his teenage mother who was delivered of the baby in the health facility.

Initial police investigations revealed that the baby-for-sale-chain extends beyond the popular hospital, Maternal and Child Health Centre (MCC), strategically located at First Gate, along First Avenue, Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos.
We exclusively gathered that the 19-year-old mother of the baby, Chinyere Amechi had fled her parents’ house in Lagos for almost one and half years during which she got impregnated by her boyfriend, one Nonso Nnamba and ultimately delivered of the baby, which she eventually offered the nurse at MCC, Mrs Virginia Nwauzor who in turn took him to another woman, a 51-year-old member of the syndicate, Mrs. Rose Ekewe to also trade with.
The deal, however, fell apart like a pack of cards when Chinyere returned to her parents as a prodigal daughter. Obviously glad that they eventually found their daughter that has been missing for months, her parents took her to a private hospital for medical check-up. The medical examination, however, revealed that Chinyere had given birth. 
Armed with the medical report, her parents asked for the whereabouts of the baby but she told them a lie; that the baby had died and buried. Not satisfied with her explana­tion, her parents probed further and under pressure, Chinyere eventually opened up to her parents on how a nurse at MCC gave her N50,000 to get the baby from her. She also alleged that she gave the money to her boyfriend and father of her baby who used it to rent a room apartment at Orile area of the state. With that, the matter was reported to the Satellite police station which had so far invited and quizzed the medical director of the hospital, while the trio of Mrs Nwauzor, Mrs Ekewe and Nonso were arrested and still being detained as the investigation goes on with the baby still missing.
Chinyere’s confession also led to the arrest of three other staffers of the hospital. They include the gynaecologist who took delivery of the baby, the matron in-charge of the nurses and another lady in the administrative section.
Realising that their game was up, Mrs. Nwauzor told the police that she assisted Chinyere to get admitted in the hospital when she learnt of the pathetic situation that she was in. She claimed that Chinyere told her that she was a destitute and needed a home to keep the child once he was born.
Upon delivery, Mrs. Nwauzor took Chinyere and the new born child to the house of her friend, Mrs. Ekewe who was living alone in Satellite town. She claimed that it was Mrs. Ekewe who gave N50,000 to the Chinyere to assist her since she was a destitute. The amount, she said, was meant to help her get an accommodation and start up a little business.


When the police asked Mrs. Ekewe the whereabouts of the baby that was left in her care, she confessed that she handed the baby over to a childless couple since she could not afford to take care of the child. She promised to help the police trace the couple whom she sold the baby to.
However, a senior police officer on the case who spoke with Saturday Sun, explained that the police are currently searching for the family who bought the baby from Mrs. Ekekwe.
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