Taiwan Election: Final pre-election polls have baked

Taiwan Election: Final pre-election polls have baked

From the 2016 presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan polling remaining 10 days, which is required to release the last day of the election polls, a number of civil society groups have issued a so-called “closed the polls.”

Nine “closed the polls,” the agency has already announced include the KMT Central Committee, Next TV, Sanli TV, Association of cross-strait policy, the new national policy think tank in Taiwan, Taiwan think-tank, the Taiwan Index poll, TVBS television station.

The results showed that the vast majority, the DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen Chu was leading the KMT presidential candidate, 20 percent or more.

Taiwan Election Final pre-election polls have baked

However, the KMT poll results themselves did reveal that Chu’s behind only English 8%.

The Association of cross-strait policy made public survey also showed that the KMT presidential candidate Chu and presidential candidate James Soong of the People First Party support is very close to, respectively, 16.3% and 16.1%.

The gap is too big

Secretary-General of the Association cross-strait policy to BBC Chinese network said that from what they do polls trend view, this election should not be a so-called “jumped bail and effect.”

That vote is redirected, originally supported a candidate voters switched to another candidate’s situation, Hong Yaonan explained that this is because the three candidates who were among the leading margin of support, it has been more than the other two Candidates supported by the sum of the degrees.

However, Hong Yaonan also said that Taiwan polls accurate or not, from past experience, in fact, depend on the polling day of the final turnout.

Young ballot

Narratorsaid, it is worth noting that, according to the cross-strait policy Association latest poll, nearly half of the votes among the young are inclined to support the DPP, but also nearly half of the young respondents said they would support the People First Party James Soong .

The association poll results also show that the majority of voters in the Legislative Yuan is optimistic about the DPP’s parliamentary elections, it is possible to win more than half of the seats to replace the KMT to become the largest party.

Opinion polls in Taiwan, often because of political bias of the issuing authority and often criticized, but the political parties are still bored.

The election of the polls during the campaign did, because the leading margin that much difference, although occasional therefore generally considered as self-interest, but part of the presidential polls in the election fairly objective.

Each group of candidates are often “look like” to refute the results of the polls, while a sample survey is able to truly reflect the wishes of the electorate debates have to wait after the January 16 evening to pinpointing billing.

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