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Seven sentences to remember the last speech on the state of the Union Barack Obama

Obama Hits Republican States in Post-Speech Highlights Tour ,

Barack Obama delivered , Tuesday, January 12 , his last speech on the state of the Union. This traditional event was for the 44th President of the United States last opportunity to speak to Americans in prime time, before Washington and the rest of the country will deflect all their spotlight on the Democratic and Republican primaries, beginning on February 1st in Iowa.

Seven sentences to remember the last speech on the state of the Union Barack Obama

In a resolutely optimistic speech, the president urged America not to give in to fear , given the economic turbulence as the threat of Islamic state group he called not to overestimate . Determined to mark the contrast with Republicans hoping to succeed him at the White House in 2017, the Democratic president , very comfortable , playful , invited his fellow citizens to support the ” extraordinary changes ” in progress. Back on its main statements in seven key phrases.

  • “The United States has the strongest economy, more sustainable world “

Barack Obama defeated in the face alarmist statements of billionaire Donald Trump, candidate for the Republican primary . Talking about the US economy ‘s decline is a “political fiction” . ” Let me start with the economy and a basic fact : the United States of America, at present , have the strongest economy, more sustainable world , launched the US President Everyone . who argue that the US economy is in decline, it is only fiction. But what is true , and that is why many Americans are worried about is that the economy is changing profoundly , changes that started long before the Great Recession that hit us . ”

  • “The Islamic state is not an existential threat to our nation”

To the attention of his opponents, Obama warned against excessive statements on the Islamic state according to which the world would be engaged in “World War III”. “They make the game” jihadists, he warned. “Masses of soldiers in the back of pick-ups and tortured minds plotting in apartments or garages pose a huge threat to civilians and must be stopped. But they do not pose an existential threat to our nation, a- he insisted. We simply designate them for what they are, killers and fanatics who must be eradicated, hunted down and destroyed. ”

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Sure of his purpose, he said: “If you doubt the determination of America, or mine, for that justice is done, ask Osama bin Laden!” He added: “The world will look to us to help solve these problems, and our response must be more than tough words or calls to cover civil bombs This may work for shock slogans on TV. but this does not happen on the world stage. ”

  • Climate change: if you want to deny it, “you will feel quite alone”

    Another warning to his Republican opponents: it is futile to deny global warming as a result of carbon emissions. “If someone still wants to deny the science around climate change, go ahead, he warned. But you will feel quite alone, because you’re going to discuss with our military, with most American employers with the majority of Americans, with most of the scientific community and with 200 countries around the world who agree that this is a problem and who intend settlement. “

  • Seven sentences to remember the last speech on the state of the Union Barack Obama

Especially since this change can be an opportunity: “Even if the world was not at stake, even if 2014 had not been the warmest year on record until 2015 is even warmer, why would we pass up the chance for American companies to produce and sell the energy of the future? ” questioned Barack Obama.

  • Immigration: “Every time we overcome these fears “

    Same thing on immigration : evoking the profound changes that have affected the United States in history, he called to stay the course : “Every time , some were telling us to be afraid of the future. (…) each time, we have overcome those fears . ” In early December, the White House denounced the remarks ” cynical ” and ” destructive ” Donald Trump after its proposal , amid fears of jihadist attacks , to temporarily prohibit the entry of US Muslims .

  • ” I am announcing a new national effort ” against cancer

    The US president announced a major offensive to ” eradicate” cancer in the United States. A mission entrusted to Vice President Joe Biden , whose son died of brain cancer .

“Last year , Vice President Biden said America could cure cancer as it has conquered the moon. Last month, he worked with Congress to give scientists from the National Institute of health the most important resource they have had for more than ten years. tonight, I am announcing a new national effort to do what it takes , has he said solemnly . for those who are dear to us and we have lost , for families we can still save , make America the country that eradicates cancer once and for all . ”

  • ” I will continue to strive to close the Guantanamo prison , recruitment flyer for our enemies”

    The president finally placed in the foreground an old campaign promise on which he has so far failed : close the Guantanamo prison , opened after the attacks of 11 September 2001. ” It is expensive , it is useless, and n ‘ is a recruitment flyer for our enemies , ” he began , to loud applause.

  • Cuba : “Lift the embargo ! “

Highlighting the progress made since the announcement a year ago of rapprochement with Cuba , Obama again called on Congress to lift the US economic embargoes . ” Fifty years in isolate Cuba have failed to promote democracy and we have reduced Latin America. You want to strengthen our leadership and credibility on the continent? Admit that the Cold War is over. Lift the embargo ! “

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