Profile & Biography : “Miss Kebbi Ugochi Ihezue” Winner MBGN 2017

Profile & Biography : “Miss Kebbi Ugochi Ihezue” Winner MBGN 2017

Let’s Discuss more on the Profile & Biography Winner MBGN 2017 (Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria) Miss Kebbi  by name Ugochi Ihezue , Her birthday is on the 16th of August.

Miss Nigeria 2017 Question and Answer

She is also one of the Beth model management agents

Her Full Name is Ugochi Mitchel Ihezue

Profile and biography of Ugochi Ihezue, Winner of Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN 2017). She was born 16th, August, 1990.

While much is not known on Ugochi Ihezue’s biography, we have researched about some interesting details about Miss Kebbi.


We know that her birthday is on the 16th of August and she currently lives in Onitsha, Anambra state with her parents and family. She hails from Umukegwu-Akokwa in Ideato-North L.G.A of Imo State, i.e the Igbo speaking part of Nigeria.

She is from a family of 5, the first born and only daughter. Mitchel was raised from a humble family. Her mother is a banker with Unity Bank, while the father is a businessman who deals in chemicals.

Prior to winning the Miss Nigeria beauty paegent, she served as one of the Beth model management agents.

Educational Background

From what we gathered, she attended Army Day Secondary School, Birnin Kebbi and also Federal University of Benin where she studied Fine and Applied Arts.

Relationship & Religion

According to the beauty queen, she is single and a Christian by faith.


Reading, Painting, Travelling and playing

How she won the MBGN 2017

It all happened on 15th September 2017, the 30th most beautiful girl in Nigeria was selected at Eko Hotel and suit Lagos.

Ugochi Ihezue represented Kebbi state in the pageantry. Firstly on the grand finale, she was awarded with the Model of the Year. She was finally crowned as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2017.

It was a memory to remember for all the beautiful girls that participated. After so many weeks of activities and camping, it has finally come to an end. The winner has been chosen and we are going to unveil her here.

All the 36 beautiful girls were showcased, 15 were chosen out of the 26 who went to the next stage. Another 5 was chosen and finally the most beautiful girl in Nigeria for 2017 was chosen.

Miss Bayelsa, Miss Sokoto, Miss Plateau and Miss Oyo were the other top five finalists. Miss Bayelsa came in as fourth runner-up, third runner-up was Miss Oyo, while the second runner-up was Miss Plateau.

Ugochi Ihezue, beat other 35 contestants to the crown, emerging as the 30th MBGN.

She was crowned winner of MBGN 2017 beauty Pageantry.

According to her, “I would embark on Public enlightenment that domestic violence is a crime that should not condoned and spread information on how to combat it.”

Read Her Camp Headlines  Before winning the MBGN 2017.

Camp day 5; poem presentation
Let me tell you about someone I saw today
Walking through the sea of green in which she stood
Unsure about who she was, I searched for a clue, a fruit perhaps
And then I found it, I found everything.
She was not the most magnificent of trees but she had this sturdiness, like she had been standing there for a while
Her hair was a flash of colour, it was algae green with a spray of yellow and patches of brown
A gentle breeze in subtle chaos danced through her leaves and they sang
A sweet seducing melody as old as time

It lured me to her bosom.
They sang about the birds they’ve seen
About the rains that fell like swarovski crystals from the skies
About men who have fallen dead beneath them
About the years and the ages turned into stone
Hundreds of withered leaves littered her feet like the ripped pages of a history textbook written in brown ink
Her waist heavily beaded, with brown beads of snow
Rich like the ever flowing rivers of the Sahara
From the corners of my eyes, I caught her staring at me
With eyes that shone like a thousand fireflies
She stared at me like she knew me, like she loved me
A love greater than love
I knew I had seen her before for she made me feel whole
I knew I had loved her once for I felt that familiar song well up in the womb of my soul
I knew I was once her fruit
I know i am her fruit

MBGN 2017: Contestants Opening Dance

Day 2

My painting was inspired by the beautiful La campagne Tropicana

Black and a patch of blue, the colour of an over ripe avocado
The colour he loves painting on her face with

White, the dress she wore when he swore to love her forever.
The colour of her believing heart

Black, when her father died and she was sold like a brood mare
White, the colour of her baby girl’s face
Black, the colour of her mother’s hair
The colour of her mother’s scalp after the hair was forced off
Black is the dance her feet was forced to burden, a dance of death

White is a dream, a dream she thinks about
It is a place , a place she longs for. A place far from the madding crowd
Tonight she shall go there, towards the river
With her babe strapped on her back
She shall head towards the river, the gateway to white
She shall fill her clothes with rocks and make an everlasting ripple on that river
For white is beyond the river

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Profile & Biography : "Miss Kebbi Ugochi Ihezue" Winner MBGN 2017

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