Photos From The Making Of The Video: “Osinachi Remix” HumbleSmith ft. Davido

Photos From The Making Of The Video: “Osinachi Remix” HumbleSmith ft. Davido

The Osinachi remix dropped last week toheavyexcitement from fans, and Humblesmith andDavido are wasting no time in working on avideo for the single.Weve got behind the scenes photos fromthevideo shoot for you, and be sure to checkbackwhen the video drops. Weve got youcovered.Directed by Clarence Peters.
Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 15 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 16 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 17 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 18 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 6 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 7 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 8 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 9 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 10 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 11 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 12 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 13 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 14 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 2 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 3 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 4 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 5 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist 1 Osinachi-Remix-Video-Shoot-Vivian-Gist

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