Open Letter to Dr. Tony Okechukwu Nwoye (Ayaka Nsugbe) By Ik Ndubuisi

Open Letter to Dr. Tony Okechukwu Nwoye (Ayaka Nsugbe) By Ik Ndubuisi


Posterity will bear you witness that at a time the average Nigerian youth needed to come together in a fight to liberate themselves from the power glued hands of greedy old men, they blindfolded themselves and held firm to their bondage.

Posterity will bear you witness that for the sake of the well being of the Nigerian students, you were called a cultist murderer, maligned and condemned. Yet those students could not vote for you en-masse at a time when the future of Anambra Students had a promising end of administrative injustice, life without bursary, accommodation hardships and efforts without results.

Posterity will bear you witness that you chose APC out of sagacity despite the deliberate and systematic pull-youths-down syndrome of our elderly politicians. But, the people failed to see through the deceit they dwelt in.

Your excellency, The total population of students in Anambra state exceed the total number of votes cast. This is assuming we all voted, but it’s a pity, the hands you handed the students coordination to seemed to have fallen short else, we would have won. I said “we” because it would have been victory for every Nigerian youth.

Nevertheless, Ayaka, you remain a true leader, a rare gem. You have proved it beyond doubt. After your emergence as the APC flag bearer, a lesson was learnt: the politically innocent old mums and dads down the wards and rural villages agreed to let the young grow, but the youths refused the offer. The jagabans so called in the state lobbied them to sabotage themselves. Posterity will bear you witness.

Let me put it to you, Sir, anyone who really has a good vision for Anambra despite the political divides knows what actually went wrong, and that’s definitely not your doing or undoing.

My Leader, I will not continue to avoid getting emotional. Thank you for stepping forward to salvage us. Thank you for showing us that we can do things no matter how fierce our opponents seem. Thank you for holding your head high amidst defeat. Thank you for giving us the chance even though we rejected it. Above all, thank you for letting the sleeping dog lie.

Dear Ayaka… may God bless you, your family and all those who worked relentlessly to fight this cause.

God bless the TeamTony Media.

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