Olisa Metuh Prepares PDP’s Final Burial ? – By Mike Ikem Umealo

Olisa Metuh Prepares PDP’s Final Burial ? – By Mike Ikem Umealo

Chief Obasanjo positioned PDP to rule Nigeria for a very long time. And when he failed to get a third term, Nigerians ought to have quickly distanced themselves from PDP because of the authoritarian tendencies of such a failed move, but The Fox quickly reshape X the party and installed Alhaji Yar’Adua.
But soon after, PDP started to disintegrate. Dr Jonathan came on board and united the party against the onslaught of CPC and ACN. He succeeded and won a landslide in 2011. But then, his ambition started to poison the party and by 2014, the party went into coma.
And let us make no mistake, PDP helped bring about the democracy that we have today in Niegria because, at the core of its membership were men of integrity like Dr Alex Ekwueme. It was this man and some few others that convinced The Nigerian Army that we were capable of ruling ourselves and ready for democracy before they turned around and brought OBJ from the back door.

Olisa Metuh Prepares PDP's Final Burial ? - By Mike Ikem Umealo

However, as GEJ handed over power to another relatively new bottled party with a mixture of very old wines, he also left the National Arm of PDP in Coma. But Survival was still possible.

Recently, the party “spooked person” said that Mr Dasuki (the retired army colonel and former NSA who shared soldiers weapons money amongst his friends) was set to be their Presidential candidate in 2019. What? For this country?

As of today, what we have is a party preparing its own burial. And when the diagnosis on the cause of death will be written, it would neither read OBJ nor GEJ, it would read Olisa Metuh. As long as Olisa Metuh remains in PDP, no genuine reform can ever take place. (MIU, Jan. 2016).

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