October 3 2017 : Nnamdi Kanu ‘BIAFRA News’ Today

Nnamdi Kanu Sacked As Radio Biafra Director over Misappropriation of $22m, £14m

October 3 2017 : Nnamdi Kanu ‘BIAFRA News’ Today , Checkout and Read the Latest Nnamdi Kanu News Today , About Biafra , IPOB and More , October 3 2017.October 3 2017 : Nnamdi Kanu 'BIAFRA News' Today

 Nigeria Will Never Break Up – Bishop Oyedepo

David Oyedepo, presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, says Nigeria will not break up in spite of its present challenges.

He said this in a satellite telecast of the church’s prayer session monitored by NAN in Jos on Monday.

The bishop had led the church in a 30-minute breakfast prayer for the country.

Oyedepo said it was made known to him via divine revelation in 1979 while praying for the well-being of the country that Nigeria would never disintegrate.

“The good news is that Nigeria will rise again to glory,” he assured.

The bishop led members in prayer for peace and prosperity of the country.

Prayers were also made for God to intervene and direct the government to make policies that would be to the benefit of the people and the country.

“Nigeria shall not see war; God will visit eternal silence on every religious bigot being used to cause war; there will be no bloodshed in the country

“Let Nigeria know peace; make this our independence gift; let every religious manipulator be stopped today.

“We shall not see war in this country again.

“God has given us peace today for the economic and industrial revolution of Nigeria as a great nation.

“No agent of the devil will cause problems (for this country).”


Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu confused, recruited thieves, drug users as IPOB members – Ndukwe Ikoh

A former Abia State House of Representatives aspirant, Ndukwe Ikoh, has faulted the agitation by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Ikoh said the struggle by Kanu had no clear plan for secession, stressing that he, Kanu, recruited “people who sell or consume hard drugs in the South-East as well as some petty thieves” as members of IPOB.

He maintained that the IPOB leader deviated from the original plan on how to achieve Biafra as laid down by warlord, Odumegu Ojukwu.

Speaking with The Sun, Ikoh said, “The Biafra struggle that started since 1957 by Odimegwu Ojukwu has a very serious concept upon which it was built and this concept was and is still very vital to Nigerians, especially those from the Southern part of the country.

“It had to do with those who were marginalized and not allowed to develop their potentials, and then there was the serious issue of ethnic mistrust between the north and the south which led to the attempt to break away from the rest of the country.

“Kanu’s cause is a little divergent from the original because Biafra was a cause that was built on the need for equity and justice. And it involves people from the South East and some part of the South/South that felt that they were unfairly treated, that was what gave rise to Biafra.

“Kanu has reduced the struggle to an Igbo struggle and painted the Igbo as if they were at war with the rest of the country, that is one of the areas he got it wrong.

“If you will remember, Ojukwu was the ‘president’ of Biafra while Brigadier Effiong was his deputy. So you can see that Biafra was not entirely an Igbo cause. He has no clear plan to push the secession drive. There is no way the Igbo can secede from Nigeria without alliance and representation from the global bodies like UN and AU.

“I don’t know the plan Kanu put in place to attract the sympathy of such bodies. Locally, he got it wrong because there was no way you can be enemies to the neighbours you want to join to become a republic. For instance, he called Ijaws all sorts of names and once referred to Niger Deltans as cowards.

“Even calling Nigeria a zoo was an error because if Biafra eventually secedes, Nigeria will still be their neighbour. He also failed to galvanise the Igbo leadership and make sure that they were on the same page with him. At a certain stage, IPOB members became miscreants. People who sell or consume hard drugs in the South East as well as some petty thieves became members of IPOB.”

Biafra: NGO asks UK to extradite Nnamdi Kanu

The Advocate of Social Justice for All has threatened to occupy the embassy of United Kingdom, if the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu was not extradited to Nigeria.

The group in a statement by its Executive Director, Asongo Venatius, said it was disappointed to learn that Kanu is hiding in the United Kingdom after illegally travelling through Cameroon and Malaysia.

According to Venatius, “The proper thing is for the UK to have allowed Kanu answer the treason charges against him in Nigeria before making any intervention.

“We find it supremely irresponsible for the UK High Commission in Nigeria to have issued its statement seeking clarification on Nnamdi Kanu, when it knows it was in cahoots with the terrorist leader.

“If the UK truly believes in freedom, it must extradite Kanu, who is facing charges in a Nigerian court, so that those who stood surety to perfect his bail conditions do not end up in jail if he fails to show up for his trial.

“Even where the UK has decided to spurn the ties that existed between it and Nigeria, we advise it to revisit the ill advised choice of backing a terrorist against the Nigerian state.

“As the UK should have learnt from initially supporting ISIS terrorists, the attacks by these sick minds would eventually take place on its soil.

“The Advocates of Social Justice for All [ASJA] therefore demands that the UK High Commission in Nigeria immediately extradite Nnamdi Kanu to stand trial for his crime before his October 17, 2017 court appearance.

“Failure to do this will see ASJA leading Nigerians to occupy the UK High Commission premises in a manner it has never experienced before in any other part of the world,” the statement said.

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