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  1. Biafra: What will happen to IPOB members – Nigerian Army

Following the conclusion of Operation Python Dance II in the South East, the Nigerian Army has revealed that it would soon commence deradicalisation programme for members of the recently proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Director, Nigerian Army Civil-Military Affairs, Brigadier Gen. Solomon Kumapaye, said this in Abuja yesterday, during a visit to the Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Garba Abari.

He noted that the deradicalisation and counter-narrative initiative of the Nigerian Army was yielding result in the North-East, citing the ongoing programme for Boko Haram ex-members.

Kumapaye explained that the directorate was created to drive the non-kinetic aspects of warfare and ensure the rights of civilians are respected in military operations.

The Army chief added that there is a working toll-free Short Code: 193 which the public can use to reach his department to make enquiries.

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Brigadier Gen. Kumapaye promised “prompt response on enquiries our work or complaints on the conduct of our personnel”.

Responding, the NOA boss assured that his agency would provide the sensitisation and counter-narrative materials in Borno and Gombe, through Operation Lafiya Dole and Safe Corridor of the army.

Calling for inputs from traditional and religious leaders on the deradicalisation programme, Abari hailed the Army for establishing a civil rights desk in line with international best practices.

 3. Biafra: Buhari campaign group plans mega rally

The national president of Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign Organisation (BOCO), Isa Aminu Bayero yesterday revealed that plans were underway to hold a mega unity campaign across the country to promote peace and unity among all.

Bayero said, “We have decided to have an expanded campaign network to now include the person of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. We shall henceforth be known as Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign Organisation (BOCO).”

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He said the national campaign for unity was conceived to address the aftermath of the agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the quit notice by some northern youth groups against the Igbo.

Describing the agitation by IPOB and the quit notice as ‘misplaced priorities’, Bayero said the country belong to all and that no person or group has the right to send anybody away from any part of the country.

The organisation’s national president, however, commended President Buhari for the actions so far taken to arrest, “the boiling issue of corruption, insecurity, ethnic violence and herdsmen/farmers clashes.”

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  1. Comment:yes we one but how can that be when the igbos re suffering in every department In this country. u people are not serious

  2. the only key that can end this crises is giving us Biafra, that’s my father’s land Biafra is my last hope, LONG LIVE BIAFRA LONG LIVE NNAMDI KANU

  3. Federal government and their army are the right people to tell us our leader’s where about, have they killed him or is he still alive, the ZOO should stop telling us nonsense

  4. we can never be one Nigeria, we the Igbo’s need BIAFRA

  5. the only way you can feel and understand the weightiness of a 50kg bag of cement carried by a man on a long jorny and seeking relief and complaining of its weight is by friends and those that profess love and oneness for and with him is relief hm of such load and bear the load themselves,and not call him namre for wanting hs freedom.nigerians who are aginst nnamdi kanu and ipob are the most misguided and morally bankrupt of people and wll end up destroying themselves and the country because you fail to realise that since your definition of peace,unity,oneness is the acceptance of injustice and inequity as our lot,igbos and indeed biafrans shall with the greatest and bottomless bitterness despise, hate this country,and shall get biafra as certain as you cannot stop the rising of the sun.Today you are forcing the owners of english language and the rest of civilised humanity to accept your definition of terrorism and they have rejected you,you and your foolish generation of barbaric children demonstrating against your gods,the british, in abuja has already been orphaned,you are alone,you have commenced your self destruction,the igbos thronging around you are supporters of biafra restoration and shall abandon you at the right time,sorry you are forever rejected,because as as you have 47 year refused to rebuild biafra land which cllectively in senseless war of genocide,we are going build a biafra nation that will be the pride of africa and dignity of man,white or colored and know we can,yout continuious opposition to biafra restoration is in its self a hatefull disservice to humanity. africans and men of conscience everywhere in the world must rise in support of the audacious genuine desire for the restoration of ancient nation of biafra. long live biafra,longlive mazi nnamdi kanu,and of course,long live nigeria as the imminent exit of biafra to her natural territories does not end the existence of nigeria as a nation.

  6. Instead of contending with the other Biafra ethnic nations, Igbo alone is good enough as Biafra. Give me independent Igbo nation. But mind you the truth that Igbo is not just South-East. Igbo natural boundaries exist. I shall be glad to have that as Biafra.

  7. We the lgbo’s are no longer interested in one nigeria anymore. Nigeria should give us our lndependent let’s go.

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