Nigerian Celebrities Reveal Their Great Embarrassing Moments

Nigerian Celebrities Reveal Their Great Embarrassing Moments

Imagine forgetting your own name and everyone is starring at you being called to the front and you at starring back at them wondering why?Unbelieveable right?Well it happened to my Bae Yemi Alade…


My dress ripped at the back- Tiwa Savage
Mavin First lady, Tiwa Savage felt awkward the day the dress she wore during a performance ripped. It was the day 2face had his album launch Concert at Eko Hotel.
“My dress for the performance came literally 5 minutes before I was supposed to go on stage. I didn’t have time to try it on before my performance. The emcee announced: “Next on stage is rising star, Tiwa Savage.” So I quickly put it on. As soon as I was walking on stage, the zip ripped at the back and I didn’t even know. Banky W saw it and was like “Oh my God! Your whole back is open”. I was really embarrassed. They tried to pin me up but all these time the band and everybody were on stage. I had to go back, change into something that was not planned. It was quite embarrassing.
My breasts popped on stage — Omawunmi
Nigerian Singer, Omawunmi is known to be daring when it comes to her fashion sense. The vocal power house shares her tale of an embarrassing moment she is yet to forget. According to her: “The dress I wore to the event has feathers in the front of it. Before I left my hotel room, I asked someone if the dress was okay and she said yes. I wore the dress to the show and when I was performing at the show, paparazzi took my pictures and released them. I realized that my breasts were practically pouring out of my dress, there was no way I could have put my breasts back.”
The crowd wanted to have a feel of my bum -Ella Martins
When you meet Ella Martins the first thing you notice about her is her curvaceous hips. The Beninese musician and actress isn’t shy about the fact that she is well heeled in the rear and sees it as the weapon God bestowed on her. In an interview with Showtime, she recounts the experience she had when fans tried to have a feel of her bum.
“There are two accounts of my most embarrassing moment as an artiste. First, was when I was performing with DJ Arafat and during the performance he stopped to kiss me. I was also performing with  Orezi when the crowd carried me and tried to have a feel of my bum. I was really embarrassed. A lot of people     think I did a surgery on my hips but I didn’t.”
My performance CD messed me up — Patoranking
Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie popularly known as Patoranking will never forget in a hurry the day his CD messed up his performance at an event. The Alubarika star recounts this in an interview. “My most embarrassing moment as an artiste was in 2008 when I went for a show in Ghana. I did not know the CD I was meant to use to perform, was of low quality. The CD wasn’t properly mixed and mastered. I was so anxious to be on stage and when I got on it, I was so messed up I couldn’t do anything because the sound was not coming out properly. I couldn’t relate with the crowd and at a point I had to tell the DJ to stop the song so I could do freestyles. I felt so ashamed.”
I had a wardrobe malfunction -Rita Edmond
Upcoming singer, Rita Edmond has had her own fair share of controversy. The Lovy Lovy star was once linked with Phyno. In an interview with Showtime, the beautiful singer reveals her own embarrassing moment, when she had a wardrobe malfunction.
“I remember having a wardrobe malfunction once at an event. I wore a lovely tiny-straps-halter-neck. As the show got hotter and exciting; I was dancing so bad I didn’t realize one of the straps of my dress had given way, showing off my bra and boobs. It took courage for a guy sitting next to me to point out the mishap. I was in shock with a dropped jaw holding my boobs and rushing at the same time to fix the strap. Please don’t remind me of this; it’s one crazy day I won’t forget in a hurry.”
I forgot my own name — Yemi Alade
Johnny sensation, Yemi Alade who recently had 30 million YouTube views for her Johnny video some months back, shared the story of an awkward moment she had when her name was mentioned as the winner of the Best Female artiste category at the MTV Africa Music Awards. She forgot her own name. No one knew if it was as a result of fear or pure excitement. “When I won the award, my manager told me to stand up like three times. It was like I had forgotten my own name. My mentors, Peter and Paul of Psquare had to also remind me that I needed to go pick the award.”
My car broke down on the road — Gt Da Guitarman
Gt Da Guitarman is not a rookie when it comes to the game of music. The Ember Entertainment boss who also produces his own songs is one of the prized talents who was signed on the defunct Storm records. The guitarist popular for his hit song Dreamer, recalls his own embarrassing moment .
“I have had quite a number of embarrassing situations. I really can’t start mentioning. There was a time my car broke down somewhere around Orile and some students were singing, ‘When am I gonna be what I want to be.’ I was embarrassed.” A part in his song was used to humiliate him
My female fans held me hostage -Kiss Daniel
No doubt, Kiss Daniel has the trimmings of a handsome dude. Aside from the fact that he is talented, he is also one of the few male artistes groupies won’t mind having a fling with. He reveals an embarrassing incident he had with his female fans.
“I went for a show a while ago and when I was about driving out of the venue, some of my female fans, numbering about 11 or 12 stormed the venue and surrounded my car insisting that I was going nowhere except I took them to my house. The bouncers tried to make a way for me to leave but all was to no avail so I had to take a couple of them to my house. I didn’t do anything with them. I did it so they could let me leave the venue.”
I was wrongly accused -Olamide
Nigeria’s king of urban rap, Olamide is no
doubt one of the most industrious rappers of his generation. The YBNL boss, whose street savvy punch-lines makes him unique will be dropping his fifth album this month. Without mincing words, the Shakiti Bobo sensations talks about an embarrassing moment he cannot forget.
“I will pick an incident that happened in the studio a few years back. I was in the studio when this senior act came in to record a song and he said he was hungry. Who else will he send to buy food if not me who was the youngest in the studio? The money he gave me was not enough for his meal, so I decided to add my own money. I even used my own money to pay for transportation.
When I got back to the studio with the food, guess what this guy said to me “Cabasa, tell this your boy to give me my change, if he wants money, he should tell me and I will give him. He should not use trick to steal my money. I almost got angry, but one look from ID Cabasa calmed me down. Today, the guy is one of my biggest fans and he is planning to do a song with me.”
Who has an Embarrassing moment to share?We have done some hilarious posts on embarrassing moments before on this Blog right?We have some new BV’s who might have stories to share.
I remember an embarrassing moment i had….My Son when he was a little younger,walked up to complete strangers in a train and told them that ”My mama has pampers on….”….The whole compartment of that train turned and looked at me and i just fainted…LMAO.
When the train got to my stop and even though i had told them not to mind him and we all laughed,i felt everyones eyes on my bum as we alighted from the train…I turned and saw them and i just died.LMAO!
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