Niger Republic is successful on Boko Haram

Niger Republic is successful on Boko Haram

Father kwamdan military jamhiruyar Niger General Seini Garba said the troops were successful in fighting them and Boko Haram in the Different region.

Niger said previously very successful in the war clash with Boko Haram in the Different region neighboring states of Yobe and Borno in northeastern Nigeria.

Niger Republic is successful on Boko Haram 2

Father’s military commander General Seini Garba explains that, while in conversation with journalists at the presentation ceremony of welcome message into the new year to Niger President Isoufou Maahammadou.

General Garba saying that they take drastic steps because they have good results in the battle to the militants.

Said they guess they start winning in this battle. Although the rest of the story, because until now the Boko Haram is a threat to peace, because of bad data possess weapons.

Said Niger’s arms the previous year as a result of attacks by Boko Haram in the Diffa region, the situation that has killed several people, most of them civilians.

Thousands of Different region fled Boko Haram, although some details have been starting to get people moving cities.

Source VOA Hausa

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