New York: Telephone Booths Soon Replaced By Wireless Terminals

New York: Telephone Booths Soon Replaced By Wireless Terminals

In New York, telephone booths will gradually give way to wireless terminals multiuse. They will include recharging his mobile phone to make calls or to access the Internet for free.

Payphones are about to hang up in New York. As they soon disappear from the urban landscape, the city decided to replace them with wifi multipurpose terminals. A total of 7,500 of these devices will be installed to run on the streets of New York and will connect to the internet free of charge, within thirty meters, but also to make calls or to charge his laptop. Meanwhile, for those who do not have mobile device, they will be able to browse the Internet via a touch screen.

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Telephone Booths Soon Replaced By Wireless Terminals

For now, only one of these terminals, called “LinkNYC” has been installed but has not been activated. It is located at the corner of Third Avenue and Fifteenth Street, near Union Square. At the origin of this initiative: the former mayor Michael Bloomberg and businessman whose idea was taken over by his successor, Bill de Blasio in November 2014. Far from being symbolic, this activity might allow City bring nearly 500 million euros a year thanks to advertising contracts, according to the specialized information website The Verge.

For several years, other cities have also taken the initiative to recycle their telephone booths. This is particularly the case of London who in 2014 restored a facelift to its devices by giving them a second life. Painted green and powered by solar energy, they now can charge electronic devices (laptops, computers, tablets).

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In France, phone booths will also disappear from the urban landscape. A change due to an article in the Macron law adopted on 10 July. This frees Orange (formerly France Telecom) of its universal service obligation of installing and maintaining telephone kiosks throughout France. The operator, who has decided to take them out, put forward two arguments to justify his choice: the cost of maintenance, almost eight million euros per year, and the average user: less one minute per day per cabin.

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