Married Woman Caught In The Act With Gate Man In Husbandís Bedroom – Lagos

Married Woman Caught In The Act With Gate Man In Husbandís Bedroom – Lagos

The Below News was went to my mail this afternoon , so i choose to share it with you Readers to see what you can say over it , is about the case of †woman caught having sex with their Gate man , inside his marital Home and Bed , what a sin , read below , happened in Lagos ….

ďI am afraid for my safety as I send this information to you. Please leave my e-mail address and name out of this. My purpose of writing is to get peopleís opinion on what to do.
ďI came to Lagos about three months ago to stay with my uncle and his wife, whoís an Ibo woman. By the way my uncle is from Edo State and their marriage is about four years without kids. My brother traveled to the North on official business and something happened in his bedroom.
Married Woman Caught In The Act With Gate Man In Husbandís Bedroom - Lagos
ďI came back that day because I could not meet up a job appointment in Igando area due to heavy traffic. I was reluctant to return home since I had just left but I couldnít think of a better place to go so I headed home. On getting to our compound, I didnít find the gate man at his post and I was even angry because of the security risk of him leaving the gate open like that.
ďBut something got me worried when I saw the gate manís sandals right inside our sitting room. I just told myself that something is going on between my uncleís wife and this dirty boy. I was right, when I moved close to the window of my uncleís bedroom I started hearing screams of s*xual pleasure from his wife. I tried to peep into the room but it was difficult because of the protector.
ďSo, I summoned courage and walk to the door as if I wanted to tell my uncleís wife that I was back. I opened the door and caught the adulterous woman red-handed under the dirty gate man (boy). Sadly, the gate man was already ejaculating so he couldnít get up immediately, it took him few seconds to jump off and grab his clothes.
ďI simply walked away and returned to the sitting room, pretending to be watching a programme on the TV. Few minutes later my uncleís wife joined me and started begging that it would not happen again. I didnít say a word but when she kept pressing I said ok Iíve heard. Later she brought food for me but I refused it and since then she has been putting pressure on me.
ďThe unfortunate thing is now she even wants me to sleep with her as an assurance that I wont tell my uncle, always coming to my room half naked. Because of this Iíve not eating in the house in the last one week, Iím almost going broke already.
ďMy uncle may be back next week. I will like people with more experience to tell me what to do when he comes back. Should I tell my uncle the kind of wife he married or quietly move out?Ē
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