Iran asks Nigeria to free the religious leader Zakzaky

Iran asks Nigeria to free the religious leader Zakzaky

Iran increases pressure on Nigeria for the release of Shiite religious leader Ibrahim Zakzaky, imprisoned for three weeks. A process that occurs after the execution by Saudi Arabia’s Shi’a cleric Nimr al-Nimr. In Nigeria, the tone rises. This is the second operation of Iran in less than a month.

Following the arrest of Ibrahim Zakzaky, December 14, Iran officially protested. This time, the Iranian Foreign Ministry launches a second warning in Nigeria urging him to act wisely, given the character “sensitive” situation.

Iran asks Nigeria to free the religious leader Zakzaky

According to his spokesman Hoseyn Jaberi-Ansari was quoted by the BBC, “all diplomatic channels were used” to demand the release of the religious leader.

Accused of murder by military

The group that he directs, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, welcomes this support, says spokesman Ibrahim Musa. “We appreciate this support and we are very satisfied. We waited. Because Iran is known for its support of oppressed people globally. We hope that the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari hear what Iran has to say on the repression against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. ”

The health status of Ibrahim Zackzaky would be precarious. The Shiite leader was arrested in Zaria mid-December after two days of clashes with soldiers who accused him of trying to kill the leader of the Nigerian army, which denies the Islamic Movement. According to Human Rights Watch, the clashes would have about 300 Shia victims.

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