Profile , Rise and Fall of ‘Ifeanyi Okpoko’ (Anagwanti) – Eziowelle Ritualist

Profile , Rise and Fall of 'Ifeanyi Okpoko' (Anagwanti) - Eziowelle Ritualist

Profile , Rise and Fall of ‘Ifeanyi Okpoko’ (Anagwanti) – Eziowelle Ritualist

– Metal Fabricator In Police Net On Suspicion Of Ritual Murder

A man from Eziowelle in Anambra state named Ifeanyi Okpoko (Anagwanti) has killed an #AB condilt…….. We, the Kegite club from Germany, today wish to valcum the Nigeria government an fedicle offence been committed in Eziowelle………. With one voice of all kegite kaliton clubs in Nigeria and Germany says, Ifeanyi Okpoko( Anagwanti) bring back our Ab striker before Monday. Share if you re Ab mega…..

From Germany, i am Obi Chiamaka Precious

Profile , Rise and Fall of 'Ifeanyi Okpoko' (Anagwanti) - Eziowelle Ritualist

A metal fabricator in Anambra State, Ifeanyi Okpoko popularly known as Anagwanti has been arrested by the Ogidi Police on suspicion of ritual murder. Okpoko who hails from Umunnaama, Eziowelle town in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State was accused of abducting one 16 years old boy, Chidera Ezeanya from Late Chief Francis Ekwunife’s compound in Eziowelle on Sunday, October1st ,2017. He allegedly tied and hung him on a hand-crane and by the time Chidera’s dead body was discovered the next day by the youths in the village, some vital organs were missing from his body.

An eye witness, Chukwudi Okafor said the deceased, Chidera, was in his compound playing on that fateful afternoon with his age mates when Ifeanyi Okpoko called him, according to him, Chidera’s play mates including himself, had thought that the man wanted to send him on an errand since all of them are from the same Umunnaama village. He said when they waited till night without seeing him, they went to their various houses. According to him, the next morning being Monday October 2, when they learnt that Chidera had not come back, they all went to Ifeanyi Okpoko’s house in search of him, only to see find tied and hung on a hand-crane. He said;

“We shouted and ran out to call elderly people in the village but before we came back, Okpoko had untied the body, put it in his car and drove out of his compound..It was later that we heard that his body had been deposited at a mortuary in Ogidi.Profile , Rise and Fall of 'Ifeanyi Okpoko' (Anagwanti) - Eziowelle Ritualist Profile , Rise and Fall of 'Ifeanyi Okpoko' (Anagwanti) - Eziowelle Ritualist

An octogenarian, Pa Ezekiel Uzomah who expressed shock said that what Okpoko did was an abomination. According to him, the youths had wanted to burn the suspect’s house but they were restrained from taking laws into their hands. However, he said the village has tied palm frond around Okpoko’s house as a sign of ostracization. Pa Uzomah made us to understand that according to their rule, they don’t bring police into issues in their village. But he said the gruesome murder of Chidera by his own kinsmen is beyond the village and prayed that justice should be serviced for the slain boy.


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