I don’t understand the logic behind Homosexuality … 18+

I don’t understand the logic behind Homosexuality … 18+


How can I leave the fresh juicy lips of a maiden for the cracked lips of a lad,probably a smoker
Explain to me why I should leave those “fun bags” of a lady and settle for the flat tyre chest of a man. “Fun bags” from which I fed from,..just a mere perusal of it makes my day,talk more of when I press,oh lawd!.

Sticking my tongue to those nipples makes me momentarily forget that my father is a poor man!. Then if your woman posses a very sizeable one,as in “four in two”, you are very lucky, u may not necessarily need to buy pillows, and most times when you want to go and visit her,you will be forced to buy snacks because yoghurt is already at home waiting..

And you want me to leave all of that for the hairy chest of a man?..
Imagine the body on some ladies,the curves,the hips,the ass,God is really a very creative artist.. Most times I savour and marvel at his creation. Did u see the pictures of those girls that some were referring to as the new slay Queens that just finished waec,do u see the asses on those ” smallies”?,and u want me to accept that I have a girlfriend?.. Mbanu!.. Those asses can make a man call off his Wedding, a stupid man though. If those asses can be on the girls that just finished “waec” in 2017,imagine the kind of ass that will be on the ones that will finish in 2018,2019,2020, oh!.. My generation is in trouble, how do these girls want us to concentrate in our marriage. Lolzz..
And somebody is asking me to settle for a man with a strong black monkey yansh full of thorns in the name of hairs, may thunder briefly fire that ur homo prick.

The honey pot!!..accompanied by those fleshy laps to usher u in.. Just the thought of it alone erects every dilapidated structure in your system. The “honey pot” is always very accommodating no matter the size of your welding machine.. When you thrust there in, you feel like a king,you forget your immediate environment, you can look at a thief in the face and say “shoot me if u want to”..
The only place men experience vulcanic eruption and convulsion but still happily go back there at every slightest chance..
You want me to leave this place and settle for the shitty asshole of a man,and be battling with faeces?.. Do I look like a soakaway to you?..

Gawd!!!… I can never understand the logic behind Homosexuality..


Written by Yan Baba

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