Givers Forum Login – Website Not Opening

Givers Form Login – Website Not Opening 

Is there any Solution to the Issue of Givers Form Login , i noticed that the Website is Not Opening , and indeed people are Complaining and Sending me all sorts of mail , please is it that Givers Forum website Crashed On Something Like That , Please Read Updates below.Givers Forum Login - Website Not Opening

 Updates below.

 Giversforum is under newly advance upgrade so pls if u have any difficulty in login, is due to d advance upgrade so pls bear with us and just chill for today, and if you have PH and waiting for GH, do not be panicking about it…
Just be a little patience with us as we make the forum great for all of us…
Givers forum Nigeria is here to change lives…
Thanks. – Online User is another one just like mmm . Interest rate is 40% of what u pledge monthly. Use . obilochukwuka2017@yahoocom as ref. For more chat me private. No down line task U are chief at ur office Giversforum is another one just like mmm . Interest rate is 40% of what u pledge monthly. Use . obilochukwuka2017@yahoocom as ref. For more chat me private. No down line task U are chief at ur office

Dear givers forum Admin,

I have over 500 direct downliners. I answer calls everyday to answer questions about givers forum.
I do my best to protect the image of givers forum. But right now, I am lacking in information as to why some of my downliners have not been matched with whom to PH to
Their GH request .

Please reply ASAP before people start losing faith on me. And to our program


Mmm will fully be back can’t go in thin air like that.remember it will be launched in Ghana come 2017.Am seeing positive change in my p.o.the new temporal rules states.if pH on Nov 1st and you got merged on Nov 10th and you pay out the money Nov 11th ,the receiver confirms your payment on Nov 15th.your money will be due for 30 days withdrawal on DEC 15th unlike when it will be due counting from the 1st of Nov you pledged.that’s the simple logic and its basically to manage excess withwithrawal and to sustain the community till January.this happened in S.A also in Zimbabwe ,now its 9ja turn.people need hope of getting there money and continue in this unusual Biz that have made alot break several financial barriers.many of us criticise mmm but we trade in ultimate cycle,ultimate sqare and ultimate trapezium, Zafund,bitcoin,givers forum,,helping hands intl,e cooperative,peer to peer intl,Icharity,payrocket,mmm united,Nnn, baba ijebu,bet9ja,,yahoo plus,yahoo minus,yahoo addition and substration,pool,shares,forex trading ,swiss gold,olosho biz center,night walker biz men,ogbunaabali united,,drug pushers and traffickers,young millonaire forum and many online businesses and one on one Biz that also involves risk taking ,legal and illegal .many are managed by network engineers and can decide to shut down access completely and nothing will happen.but in mmm,we still have access to view our is risk.mmm is the mother of all.if mmm goes down ,all other online networking business might follow or participation will drastically reduce .mmm will be back and better again like Chelsea on top of the premier league table.long live mmm Nigeria.iammchnd

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