Givers forum | | Account 2017 Login Help Problems

Givers forum | | Account 2017 Login Help Problems

Read 2017 Latest News on Givers forum | , and from the link below you can always check the Account 2017 Login Help Problems , Solutions and How to make More Money  use the Guide line below and always share.Givers forum | | Account 2017 Login Help Problems

GIVERS FORUM ( Perfect MMM alternative)

This is a peer to peer donation platform, where you provide help to somebody and after seven days you also get help + additional 10%.
If you decide to get help in 30 days you get 40%.

Givers forum | | Account 2017 Login Help Problems

If u PH 100k
In 1week u have 110k
120k in 2wks
130k in 3wks
140k for 28days

GH is matched instantly
PH takes 2-6days to get matched and u can GH on the 7th day

This is because there are more people to PH than those to GH at the moment

The least amount is 5000 and the highest is 3000000.

Referral bonuses are so juicy, unlike MMM everybody earn bonuses like guiders
10% from 1st generation
5% from 2nd generation
3% from 3rd generation
1% from 4th generation

To Create account visit

PLEASE use my email to register under referral email –

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions… Am here to guide you cause you are met to enjoy financial freedom

About two months ago, I provided several helps in my account and that of my wife, and later deleted them due to the fact that I felt I will not be able to meet up with those pledges. Then to my surprise when I opened my personal office and that of my wife about 4 days ago, I found out that the system has brought back all those helps I deleted. My friend who introduced me to Givers Forum advised that it will be automatically corrected by the system, that I should not delete anything. I waited for the whole thing to be corrected but my time was almost running out. So he advised that I should upload teller to hold the time before writing to support. I have just done that. I am a strong believer of Givers Forum and I pray that this challenge should be resolved in Jesus name!!! I need assistance to solve this challenge because it is eating me up. I have also offended a lot of people.

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