DRC: the massacre victims seeking justice Mutarule

DRC: the massacre victims seeking justice Mutarule

In the DRC, victims of massacre Mutarule still awaiting trial. On 6 June 2014, 37 people belonging to the majority community to Bafulero had been shot or burned without the peacekeepers and soldiers from the Congolese army involved. And they have been alerted several times and were stationed nearby. The head of MONUSCO at the time apologized publicly for his inaction and the Congolese authorities were investigating. The investigation is closed since February. The file sent to the Military Court since May. But still no date for the trial.

Victims and families who returned to Mutarule six months ago intersect every day in fear, their tormentors. Women Mutarule still speak of the events with great emotion.

“We suffered a lot by Mutarule, it killed us, children, moms. We fled, we were right there, at church. I’m scared of what I saw. I live here, but I am afraid of those who kill us. We crossed. It was really scared. With those who killed us … What can we do?

A nervous laugh. This old woman is not only to live in fear of a repeat. A Mutarule, lived three killings between July 2013 and June 2014 … Fifty victims. For many people, only a proper trial could deter further violence

“This justice, it can be significant if it can help us to reconcile us, to leave us all this rancor and stop the killings. It would be important. But there are people who continue to pursue us, we do not know how it will end, “worries another resident.

If security has been strengthened since Mutarule, for the people, the government, as MONUSCO, which almost 6 June 2014, also have a responsibility to do this trial be held and faster.

“We are abandoned”

Because since the events and the opening of the investigation, Togera Etienne, president of the Youth Council of the Ruzizi plain, Bafulero representative of the community is concerned about the silence of justice.

“There was an investigation, there was a listener who came from Kinshasa auditioned people, victims. And from this survey there, we still waiting for the results. But in fact until today, at a time when I speak, it does not have anything concrete regarding the massacre of Mutarule, “he laments.

“We denounced, we talked, we wrote, but really, until the hour when I speak, nothing is done.” He insists. According to him, the Congolese government has a ”great responsibility” but MONUSCO too, because she “did not do what she had to do. And he concludes”: “I can say that we are now abandoned, twice or more times or during the massacre nor to today: nothing is done. “

This concern including youth associations, who see a risk for peace. The President of the Youth Council of Uvira, Andr Byadunia, believes that delivering justice would appease the population.

“We hope that a trial now could help people here say that” we are taken into account, because those who committed crimes were punished. ” And if people were punished, we hope that even those who still had intentions of saying “we can still kill people”, will be reluctant. If they are reluctant, people will easily coexist, “he analyzes.

Justice should not depend to say that such is such a community, the other in such a community, need to promote or not to promote them. Justice must only be decided.

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