Davidoís baby mama saga: Sophia Momodu tells her side of the story

Davidoís baby mama saga: Sophia Momodu tells her side of the story


Sophia Momodu has fired back at Nigerian singer Davido ďfor trying to smuggle her baby to the United States,Ē adding that the singer is full of lies.

Sophia who was reacting to Davidoís claim that cannabis was found in their daughter, Imade, said she never really had custody of the child.

In a series of tweets, she revealed how Davido was disrespectful to her and her family and how he often insulted her uncle, Dele Momodu.

Find her tweets below

ďDavid, canít blv you did that.Disrespecting my uncle on Twitter ? What u stand to gain? Trying to gain public sympathy cos you are a celeb?

You are a disgrace @iam_Davido , you will regret this trust me..

On the 11th of July 2015, David and tricked me to Coco Adelekeís house in Lekki phase one, he had requested I come over with our baby

2- after getting to the house at Baderinwa Alabi street Lekki phase one, my baby Imade was forcefully taken away from me

3 I was abused and battered and I was threatened never to come back and pushed out of the compound with the aid of mobile policemen

At that point I became confused and dejected, I put a call trough go my mum and uncle @DeleMomodu who advised me to stay calm

I suffered psychologically and emotionally as I couldnít understand why I was being treated that way.. All along my baby was with Coco

On the 15th of September, Davidís dad invited us for a meeting that had in attendance two of his friends and Coco

In that meeting Davidís dad apologised for fr way I was treated in Cocoís residence and told my uncle and I the reason the baby was taken

5- Was because medical tests detected marijuana in the Imadeís system and he needed to protect her from me and David

6- I couldnít understand that cos I donít smoke marijuana and I objected at that meeting but Uncle Dele told me to stay calm

7- after the meeting, his dad requested I leave my seven month old baby at the time with him and told me I could come around to check her

8 Ė anytime, he also Promised to pay me some upkeep and promised me a carÖ I didnít like these as it made me feel my baby was being bought

9 Ė I had to accept because I felt they had good intentions and since I could come check my baby anytime it was ok by me

10- they kept to their promise of the upkeep, but not the car, I didnít bother since I could afford oneÖ All that matter was my baby

11- on the 8th of December, my aunt came from the US and we went to Cocoís house to check my baby, we were walked out , I cried my eyes out

12- I was subsequently denied the rights to see my babyÖ David stopped taking my call too and only replied me via texts.

13- all that didnít really matter until I discovered that David and his family were planning to smuggle Imade to the US

14- I told my uncle who called Davidís dad to no avail and it seemed they were all part of the plot

15- we immediately alerted airport officials, immigration etc. and to our surprise they showed up

16- when they were asked who the mother of the baby is, Coco showed up and claimed she was the biological mother

17- at this point their passports were seized.. They called their father who started making calls, thank God for the immigration officers

18- who stood their ground and insisted that the right thing has to be done.. They gave up when the plane flew

19- I want to state it clear, that David @iam_Davido is the most useless man any woman out there can meet. I curse the day I met you kid

20- I canít believe a father would be so foolish that he will abdicate his responsibilities and allow his wicked sis dictate his life

20- David accused me of not being able to bathe my baby, thatís a wicked lie.. Heís only trying to gain sympathy online as Iíve always

21- taken care of and bath 4 Imade; had to learn fast being a young mother which I did well for seven months before she was snatched 4rm me

22- David disrespected my family, called my uncle names, insulted me anytime I tried to see my daughter

27- I donít want your money, ion want your car, I DO NOT want to be your WIFE, I just want to my baby from ur wicked sister..

28- I was surprised to see David bring up a family affair to Twitter and use his influence on here to shade the truth

29- no one no matter how powerful or influential has the right to separate a mother from her baby.

30- I am so happy and grateful to the Nigerian authorities and my uncle for helping me et back my daughter after 5 months

31- after five months in captivity, Sheís so happy to see her mum againĒ

Sophia Momodu tells her side of the story Sophia Momodu tells her side of the story 2 Sophia Momodu tells her side of the story 3

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