5 Tips To Bringing Back The Spark In Your Relationship After Val’s Day

5 Tips To Bringing Back The Spark In Your Relationship After Val’s Day

5 Tips To Bringing Back The Spark In Your Relationship After Val’s Day

Most times in the beginning of a relationship, the two partners can’t seem to keep your hands off each other. But over time, especially when life gets tough, that sexy spark can fizzle and sometimes partners get to the point where they just don’t see each other sexually, you no longer touch each other intimately; you do not hold hands or kissing is now substituted with just a peck.

Being able to communicate is essential both in and outside of the bedroom. Ask your partner the same kinds of questions you’d feel safe asking a good friend. Be open about your feelings, whether you’re talking about your day at the office or your intimate desires.

Once the communication is back on track, try these five tips to reignite the spark:

1. Boost your dopamine —together

One thing that caused butterflies when you first met was the chemical cocktail in your bodies. “Recreate this by doing something novel. Check out a new restaurant, try doing the things that brought the spark in the first place, go see a movie together or do something fun that you’re both excited to try,” This have a way of boosting your dopamine levels and re-ignite the spark that was once there.

2. Kiss more often

At the beginning of a relationship, couples often enjoy deep kissing, but over time they tend to stop. “Continuing to hug, kiss, and cuddle. This is an important component of a healthy relationship,” as it has a way of making both partners feel loved and cared for, make sure it forms an integral part of your relationship.

3. Give the relationship great attention

As much as you desire a spark in your relationship, you both need to be ready for it. Create time for yourselves, go on dates, visit and compliment your partner. Do weird things to make it work. Go as far as making artworks, sending chocolates, cakes, surprise spa treat, dinner and send text messages at interval to make your partner feel loved and valued.

5. Keep the mystery alive

No matter how long you’ve been together, make an effort to be seductive and keep your erotic connection fresh. Put some surprise into the relationship. Break the predictable pattern every so often. “This can help keep desire alive and further elongate the desires you have for each other.


This few steps aren’t definite but the more you keep learning about your relationship dynamics and tweaking things here and there, you keep the fire burning thereby making sure the sparks never leave your relationship.


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