5 Common Things About S3X Most Women Believe That Are Destroying Their Sexuality

5 Common Things About Sex Most Women Believe That Are Destroying Their Sexuality

5 Common Things About Sex Most Women Believe That Are Destroying Their Sexuality

As off limits as this topic usually is, it is important to correct these five common misconceptions about sex before you destroy your own sexuality.5 Common Things About Sex Most Women Believe That Are Destroying Their Sexuality

Our culture, religion, and society often give contradicting ideas about sex. It can be difficult to know what is appropriate and what is not. Being a woman brings its own complication to the topic. There are a lot of misconceptions and backwards ideas out there surrounding the topic that destroys their sexuality.
Here are five common things most women believe about sex that are hurting their own sexuality:

1. It is a forbidden topic

Many women grow up believing that it is taboo to talk about sex. It is a topic that is off limits. Unfortunately, when you don’t speak about it, important aspects that should be discussed aren’t. This can be dangerous, especially if a woman has questions, or worse, is having a problem either emotionally or physically in regard to sex. If she doesn’t feel like she can talk about it, these problems may go unresolved and can lead to more serious issues.

2. Only the man should want it

In movies and TV shows, nine out of 10 times it is the man that initiates sex. We are shown growing up that the man always wants it and the woman usually has a headache. No matter how true this scenario may be, it sends the message that it is odd for a woman to want to have sex and the man to not want it. This teaches women to squash their own desires and ignore their sexuality.

3. You should automatically know about sex

It’s funny that we don’t usually talk about sex as a society, yet it is expected that we should just automatically know all there is to know. Even though there is sex education in school, it doesn’t teach us everything, like how it should feel, warning signs, how to not use it as a bargaining piece and that it is normal to have certain urges and desires. All of these things and more are important to developing a woman’s sexuality and finding out what makes that part of her happy.

4. Sex is just the act

There is so much more that goes into a woman’s sexuality than just the act of sex. There is flirting, kissing and romance to name a few. Discovering her sexuality is a process. It doesn’t happen as soon as she says “I do” or even after her first few experiences, but rather develops over time. It takes a lot of practice and discovery to uncover her sexuality.

5. It is only appropriate for the bedroom

The idea that you should leave sex and all talk of it in the bedroom limits your romantic development. This doesn’t mean you should start being accused of public indecency, but rather don’t be afraid to try new things and new places, perhaps outside your bedroom doors. It adds spice to your relationship and keeps things exciting.
To fully develop your sexuality, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone. It may mean talking about it with a loved one or medical professional. It may mean changing up your normal routine. It may also mean discovering things on your own by reading and researching. The important thing is not to be afraid to make a change.

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