“28 Professors to be Demoted In Michael Okpara University, Umudike

– List of 28 Professors Recommended For Demotion In Michael Okpara University, Umudike

– Reasons for Demotion of 28 Professors In Michael Okpara University, Umudike

28 Professors attached to Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, have been reportedly recommended for demotion.

According to sources in the school, the lecturers were allegedly given double promotion by the previous Vice Chancellor of the School, Prof. Hillary O. Edeoga, which reportedly made some lecturers in the school to leave. It was also gathered that the demotion came because it academically wrong to do so, as some of the lecturers were yet to hit the years of experience required for one to be a Professor in Nigeria.

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Here’s the list below;"28 Professors to be Demoted In Michael Okpara University, Umudike" "28 Professors to be Demoted In Michael Okpara University, Umudike"

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  1. The information here is not true. The people behind the information are just misleading the public. None of the professor has not put more than 12 years of service in the university education. Many were not employed as fresh graduate but through advertisement as senior lecturer or associate professor. How could such people spend 12 years if they are the brilliant type. You can spend donkey years in the university without becoming a professor if you do not merit it. Professorship is about patent, publications, academic feats in addition to being a PhD holder. I believe this information do not emanate from the Promotion unit of the University because it is not possible for the VC to singularly turn somebody to professor overnight. The forces behind this information are academic illiterates.

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