10 Places In Lagos That Are Highly Dominated By Unbearable Mosquitoes

10 Places In Lagos That Are Highly Dominated By Unbearable Mosquitoes

10 Places In Lagos That Are Highly Dominated By Unbearable Mosquitoes

Although,  Lagos is generally a place that is dominated by mosquitoes but some places are notorious than others especially when it has to do with the dominance of mosquitoes in the environment, which is usually caused by bad drainage system, inappropriate canal locations, dirtiness on the part of the residents, bushes, etc.

10 Places In Lagos That Are Highly Dominated By Unbearable Mosquitoes

All these things have negative effects in our health as they attract mosquitoes and other diseases.

You might want to the places in Lagos that are highly dominated by unbearable mosquitoes, kindly read along with me as I mention them.

1. Mushin 

Mushin is largely a notorious and congested residential area with inadequate sanitation and low-quality housing. However, lack of constant sanitation, dumping of refuse at inappropriate places and lack of good drainage have turned this area to a place where mosquitoes decided the fate of the people whether to live or not. The mosquitoes in areas like Idi-Oro, and Akala can withstand any insecticide even if it’s imported from China or India

2. Ejigbo 

Tosyne2much can relate to this when residents of rant about mosquitoes because I grew up in this untidy part of Lagos where people spend half of their salaries on otapiapia, mosquito coil and nets. Their headquarters are Oke Afa, Oboye, Lafenwa, Agboole, etc. As funny as it sounds, the mosquitoes in my house feed on bread, gala, egg roll, pepper soup, in the absence of no one to feed on.

3. Isolo/Okota 

I decided to merge these two places because they’re undoubtedly one of the worst places one can ever live in Lagos considering the fact that it’s very untidy and rough. Those who live in this environment are already invulnerable to mosquito bites and heat that they really don’t care whether doors and windows are shut or open, and this is because they see mosquitoes as part of their family members. These are people that can survive in hell fire

4. Ebute Metta

Each time residents of Ebute Meta complain about how mosquitoes frustrate their lives and don’t give them peace of mind, I used to think it was an exaggeration not until I passed a night at a friend’s place. In fact, I have never experienced such mosquitoes attack in my life. While I was clapping my hands at intervals and was wailing, my friend was comfortably snoring because his body system has already developed resistance against them. That was the last time I ever  stepped my feet there.

5. Igando

Those who live in Lasu road, Ojo refuse area, Afolabi, etc. will agree with me that the mosquitoes in these area hover around like helicopters and are ready to feed on anyone that doesn’t take safety precautions against them. I have seen cases when new occupants collected back their rents from their landlords and relocated to other areas.

6. Lekki

Lekki is a place that has a rich heritage in Lagos. It has a swampy island filled with mosquitoes with little no mercy. Those who live comfortably don’t know about this because they’re able to curb the menace of mosquitoes attack by regularly fumigating their environment with insecticide while some even use electrical mosquitoes repellant.

7. Ikorodu

Ikorodu is located along the Lagos Lagoon and shares a boundary with Ogun State. Ikorodu is not really an untidy environment per se, but I don’t know why mosquitoes have found their ways to that environment to frustrate the lives of innocent civilians. When a thief is caught in places like Igbogbo, there’s no point beating him, let them strip him unclad and tie both his hands and legs and then leave him to mosquitoes. I (Tosyne2much) can bet my life  that he will not survive the night.

8. Ajegunle 

This is also a  place in Lagos where lunatic mosquitoes dominate. The mosquitoes in this area are capable of relegating one to six feel if given any slight opportunity. This reminds me when a friend told me he wanted to consider relocating because it was so worse that each time he wanted to make love to his wife, they would both wrap themselves under the bed sheet because mosquitoes no go let them enjoy the bleeping at all

9. Oshodi

I don’t think Oshodi needs introduction to any Lagosian that it’s arguably the busiest bus stop in Lagos where refuse and public transport are scattered almost everywhere. Even Babatunde Fashola had to intervene in flushing out dirtiness in Oshodi. This area is highly dominated by mosquitoes expecially in core area like under bridge, where both market women and pedestrian pee and deposit their faeces.

10. Orile

I count this place as part of mosquitoes dominated environment in Lagos not because it has a very high population with most of them being the middle class and the poor, but because the larger part of Orile is usually littered with waste material and thrashes. I remember writing my junior WAEC in Orile where mosquitoes battered me even in the exam hall

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