10 Obnoxious Ways Nigerian Fathers Act When Guys Visit Their Daughters

10 Obnoxious Ways Nigerian Fathers Act When Guys Visit Their Daughters

10 Obnoxious Ways Nigerian Fathers Act When Guys Visit Their Daughters

As we all know that it’s the duty of every father to protect her daughter and shield her from immoralities, waywardness, premarital se× and help shape her future. But then, some fathers are very stringent and overprotective, and below are the ways they react when guys visit their daughters.10 Obnoxious Ways Nigerian Fathers Act When Guys Visit Their Daughters

1. They Publicly Embarrass Their Daughter’s Boyfriend 

Some fathers are very strict that they can’t hide the fact that it irks them seeing their daughters having a one-on-one conversation with a guy, and when they do so, they will assault the guy with objects like koboko, broken bottle, firewood, belt, etc; especially if the man is a paramilitary officer. I (Tosyne2much) has once been a victim of this assault when my ex girlfriend’s dad molested me with koboko and left me with scars.

2. They Stay glued to the Sitting Room Listening to their Conversations 

Some of them can be very lenient to allow you into their sitting room but will pretend to be watching a TV programme while they’re very attentive to the conversation between you and their daughter. Even if they’re at the verge of defecating, toilet will be the last thing on their minds due to the fear that any attempt to leave you one-to-one with their daughter can make you corner her into her bedroom and quickly shine her congo. The best topic you can discuss to portray a good image is talk about education, building a career and how to make heaven.

3. They Threaten You with Police 

While some of them will gently walk you out by giving reasons why they don’t welcome male visitors, some of them will do that in insidious manner. The moment you walk into their compound and asks after their daughter, the next thing they do is embarrass and threaten you with police and kirikiri and will show you the way out of their compound

4. They Interrupt and troop in their choice Topic during your Conversation with their Daughters 

In a bid to know your intellectual capacity, they will find a way to interrupt and troop in their own choice of topic just to know whether a dumb skull has been brought home. They will engage you into political discussion by asking you whether you think APC is capable of taking Nigeria to the promise land, or whether it’s ideal for Fayose to be eating warped fufu in public places.

5. They Interrogate You with Offensive Questions 

Some of them can go as far asking questions that Chevron or Shell may not even ask you during job interviews. They might ask where you work, your monthly salary,  whether you own a car or live in a face-to-face apartment. This reminds when I visited a lady and her father asked for my CGPA and I humbly told him it was currently in 1.25 and that I was studying tirelessly towards increasing to at least 1.80 before my graduation. He ordered me (Tosyne2much) out of their house, telling me that they don’t embrace dumb heads as visitors.

6. They ask You to Sit alone on a Single/Plastic Chair 
This sounds very funny but I can assure you that this happens especially when the father is a religion fanatic. He might just ask you to sit on a single or plastic chair so that there would be no body contact between you and his daughter.
7. They don’t Invite You to the dinning table 
When the dinning table is set, they will walk straight there without inviting you to join them. This is just to send signals to you that he doesn’t like you, so that you  will shamefully walk out of the house.
8. They begin to Nag unnecessarily 
Some of them may not want to embarrass nor walk you out but they will begin to nag unnecessarily even when situation does warrant nagging. This is done to make you feel uncomfortable so that you can walk out.
9. They Intimidate You with money 
They begin to talk about how they can’t give their daughter a hand in marriage a broke guy. They will talk about their friend’s son who works in Central bank and has been asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage just to make the boyfriend feel less of a man. This is the way the temper with the self esteem of broke guys like us so that we can lose interest in their daughter.
10. They release their Dogs when they spot you at the gate 
When her has warned you several times to stop coming to look for his daughter and you fail to listen, he will buy aggressive dogs and whenever he spots you at the gate he will beckon on the gate man to quickly release the dogs and let them play around the compound.
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