10 Disgusting Attitudes People Exhibit When They Become Car Owners

10 Disgusting Attitudes People Exhibit When They Become Car Owners

In Nigeria, the only way a man can be regarded as being rich and wealthy is when he’s able to afford a car as it commands respect and honour in our society. Being a car owner in Nigeria makes some exhibits some disgusting habits which are discussed below10 Disgusting Attitudes People Exhibit When They Become Car Owners

Note: This is NOT a generalization of all car owners

1. Splashing Water on Pedestrians

Some people are fond of driving with having without having compassion on pedestrians during rainfall. We have seen cases when some car owners will drive speedily during rainfall splashing water on pedestrians without even coming down to apologize to them. This is nonchalant attitude is very common with some car owners

2. Public Display of Arrogance and Rudeness

Some people are very arrogant that they dish out insults to people at any slight provocation. They can rain curses on you just for resting your back on their cars

3. Womanizing

It is so pathetic that we are in the part of the world where the worth of a man in the sight of a lady is measured by the number of car he owns. The shameful part is that many youth strive to own cars so that they can easily get ladies in bed. As funny as it sounds, some mechanics or car wash agents will even use the their customers car to get ignorant ladies to bed.

4. Unwilling to Offer People a Lift

No one is asking you to turn your car to public transport but it’s not a bad idea and won’t reduce the lifespan of your car when you help stranded people once in a blue moon.

5. Picking up anything in Skirts

Some men are fond of parading one bus stop to another chasing their kid sister’s mates for the aim of sleeping with them. presenting themselves as saints. These people cannot give their fellow men a lift but are always willing to pick up anything in skirt

6. Faulting Okada Riders for their Misdeeds

As an okada rider, I believe many will agree with me that some car owners will never accept being responsible for their careless driving that resulted into an accident but will look for the next available innocent okada rider to heap the blame on.

7. Riding People at Filling Stations

Some will drive to the filling stations and by the time they spot people with kegs and those with outdated cars, they will begin to hit their horns incessantly for people to give way for them making because they feel they surpass every other person that has come to buy petrol.

8. Being too Bossy

Some job owners have reportedly used duress to coerce their employees into washing their cars and that of their wives and employee that refuses will be fired with immediate effect.

9. They Become Snobbish

Some will start ignoring their old friends just because they feel they have climbed the ladder of success. This disgusting act is very common with some yahoo guys

10. Making reference to their Cars every now and then

Some are very quick to make reference to their cars even when situation does not warrant. When a disagreement ensues between them and public transport conductors, they will starting telling everyone in the bus that they ought not to board a danfo bus if not for the shock absorber of their cars that was faulty.

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